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On my deathbed, Will I Regret Not Having More Of...

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Andres Spitzer
Andres Spitzer

Lately I have found asking myself this question more often: "At the end, Will I Regret having done More Of...?" (From now on WIRMO?)

Will I Regret Not Having More Of... ?

It has proven to be a great way of instantly putting things in perspective. I cannot exactly remember when and where I first read or heard this question, but it really resonated with me. At the time I thought it was potentially a very good way of instantly reframing a situation. A shock of cold water making me suddenly be more aware of the situation and able to adapt my actions. After a couple of months using it, has proven as a very useful tool.

Don't get me wrong, I do not make this question to myself bacause I am having deep reflective thoughts! quite on the contrary it has proven super helpful on my most mundane situations when I am struggling with my patience dealing with my kids, struggling with myself and lack of will for developing the habits I want to develop... Let me give some examples.

I have three kids and, often times, they really dry my (often not great) patience. Lately, when I am on the verge of losing my temper, I start thinking ... "when I am on my deathbed, WIRMO losing my patience more to my kids? or WIRMO having been more patient and give them a better examople". This quick thought instantly helps me reframe the situation. Its like a magic wand that helps me be more as I aspire to be.

I also use the ¨tool¨ when my procrastination temptation kicks in. WIRMO watching Netflix series or WIRMO books that nurture me somehow, either fcistion or non-fiction. What kind of example am I giving to my kids? Also don't imagine that I do not watch movies or series or simply procastinate, I do. This tool helps me to keep a good balance. Being constantly mindful and having awareness of finitude of things helps me stay grounded.

There should be balance in life, there is space for everything, now I am mindful of trying to index more on the things that make me proud that on the ones that do not. Patience > impatience, perseverance > lazyness, consistency > bursts of effort, good example to my kids > bad example.

What tools for staying aware work for you?