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Challenges, welcome.

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Andres Spitzer
Andres Spitzer

We are constantly faced to challenges. Some old and recurring, some new.

Challenges are what keeps us motivated, engaged, sharp.

Today I want to focus on the challenges we face on our work environment, those that take us closer to our goals.

Any challenge can be faced, two things are needed: sharpness for taking the best approach to it and the commitment to execute/endure/overcome it.

Most of the challenges that we face at work are not challenges that we can face alone, we face them together with our teams. That is a challenge on itself, many times hidden or underestimated.

Overcoming whatever challenge with a well knit tight team is even more fulfilling than the reward of the original challenge.

I believe this set of principles should be followed to be successful. They are not of course a comprehensive list neither a magic recipe, just some common sense and a bit of experience.

Everyone in our team should be having the same deep understanding of the challenge. This will bring more questions that will take to a even deeper insight.

Everyone in our team should have a clear view of the desired outcomes and its rewards/benefits. They might be different for different people.

Everyone should participate in some measure on the definition of the approach for facing the channel. It’s the best way the get ownership on it and it builds up commitment. This will take to get a healthy range of different approaches/opinions/visions and lead to more creative/optimal solutions. Of course decisions must be taken and don’t fall in the pitfall of paralysis by analysis. Every team needs a captain and when needed she has the responsibility to decide and move on.

Everyone should have clear understanding and acknowledge on what is expected from them. This builds empathy.

Everyone should have the needed visibility on the execution status at any given time specially when dependencies need to be managed. For critical paths, alternate approaches should be taken in account. This builds resilience.

Plan and strategy are good and needed but execution is king. Should be like a mantra for the team.

Everyone should participate and get recognition for the job well done.

Challenges welcome ! Team will be better and stronger for the next one.

Why would you want it any other way?.