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Beyond the crisis, remember.

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Andres Spitzer
Andres Spitzer

We are living unprecedented times, not because the world had never suffered a pandemic before, but not THIS world. Hyper connected but highly selfish.

I believe we are going to learn many lessons during this crisis. There will be consequences of course, economical consequences will be enormous, but maybe, human consequences will make us better. I am a positive person and I believe we will be better after this because we will remember.

We will remember that is more important being with our family and loved ones than working outside.

We will remember that the important connections are the ones with our couples, kids and friends, cultivating them is important and it takes time and love. We used to be rushing and not paying attention.

We will remember health and love is true wealth.

We will remember that being in a room with the people we love fills our hearts and souls more than spending time on empty interactions in social media.

We will remember that the important connections live offline.

We will remember how is like to breathe clean air at our cities and how blue the sky is.

We will remember how when we slow down and stop rushing, the blurriness around that the speed filter brings disappear. Important things become clear.

I believe we will remember these things because that is an ancient knowledge, engraved in our dna and in our core. Always has been there, buzzing, but we did not care to remember, we were always too busy.

We are not so busy anymore, let’s remember and do not allow us to forget again.

I have remembered.